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Jungle Junction

Family | Kids | Animation

English | Release Date Oct 05, 2009

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Jungle Junction Season and Episode Details

Bungo is out putting up signs when he passes Bobby's fire station. Bobby has a medal and Bungo wants to get one like it, so he pretends to be a superhero, El Kabungo. But he causes trouble. Zooter is testing Ellyvan's brakes on a hill and Zooter lets go of the rope, which keeps Ellyvan from rolling off. But he heads for Toadhog, The Beetlebugs and Hippobus. Bungo saves Ellyvan, by putting up signs. The residents crown Bungo a hero of Jungle Junction and give him a medal;

The animals are going to have a pinky picnic. The weather is sunny, but Toadhog wishes it would rain. The flowers are near where the animals are having a picnic. The flowers are brown. The animals wonder why. They need rain. Ellyvan and Crocker go to the lake to find water. Ellyvan sucks up the water, then sprays the water over the pinky patch. The flowers grow and the animals have their pinky picnic.

Bungo is out putting up signs, but he spots rocks on the road. He puts up a sign to avoid people getting into danger. Dozer, Bobby and Zooter come along and cannot decide which is the best to get through the rock. Wheels, tracks or wings? They decide to compete each other in a race to find out. Bungo has a map and shows it to Zooter, Bobby and Dozer. The race begins. The wheelers have to face mud, trees and rocks in the race. When the finish line comes all the wheelers win; The wheelers are chasing fireflies and get tired and go to bed. Zooter refuses and decides to stay up and chase fireflies more. Zooter finally gets tired and goes to bed, but the sun rises soon after. Ellyvan wants to play with Zooter, but he cannot find her. He relises that she is asleep. Ellyvan wakes up Zooter using his trunk.

Ellyvan quickly discovers that Zooter has lost her zip. Zooter tries to do all the things that she can do when she zips, but it doesn't work. Bungo, Carla and Taxi Crab help her. Bungo tells Ellyvan and Zooter to meet them at the highest road in the jungle. Bungo invents a machine which makes Zooter go fast. Zooter crashes and Mrs Jolly explains why Zooter has lost her zip. Zooter falls asleep.

Crocker is watering the flowers and Zooter and Ellyvan get pollen on their noses. Ellyvan starts sneezing. Bungo stops Zooter and Ellyvan from driving through the muddy puddle. Toadhog gets stuck in the mud. Zooter trys to get rid of the sneezes. She ties a knot in Ellyvan's trunk, but it comes unloose. Mrs Jolly thinks they should have a town meeting. Ellyvan decides to leave Jungle Junction. The animals decide to look for him. Zooter spots him and finds him. The desert air has cured Ellyvan's sneezes. The animals decide to camp out there until the pollen has gone.

Zooter and Ellyvan are driving around the jungle when they spot the Beetlebugs. They ask which way is the river. Zooter and Ellyvan stop at Crocker's. They ask him if he wants to go with them. Zooter and Ellyvan help Crocker with his firefighting duties. The Beetlebugs are in danger. They are stuck on a island surrounded by water. Crocker, Zooter and Ellyvan rush to rescue them. The firefighters cannot reach them. Zooter steps in to save the Beetlebugs. Zooter and Ellyvan get a award for helping the Beetlebugs.

Zooter, Ellyvan and Bungo find a dusty old box near the pink mud pond and find a map in the box, so they follow the map and go on a treasure hunt. Taxicrab, Mrs Jolly, the Beetlebugs, Dozer and Bobby joins them. They find the treasure and inside is a gold stretchy rock. The gang cannot decide who the treasure should belong to. They share it.

Zooter and Ellyvan are playing ball. The ball gets stuck in a shrinky bush. Ellyvan touched the shrinky bush and starts to shrink. They go and see Lance to get some shrinky cream. Lance does not have any cream. The gang gets the recipe for it and decides to get the ingredients to make the shrinky cream and stop Ellyvan from shrinking. The animals give the ingredients to Carla to make the shrinky cream to stop Ellyvan from shrinking. The shrinky cream works.

Bungo puts up a "No Off-Roading" sign after a big rainstorm. The sign is to keep others from driving off the road. Bobby sees that someone went through a part of the jungle and destroyed it. He calls the others to help him figure out who made those muddy wheel tracks.

After Toadhog's complaints about the signs, Bungo decides to quit painting signs. Bungo plans on becoming an artist an plans a show to display his paintings. But jungle creatures start to get lost after Bungo removes all the signs in the jungle

Zooter, Ellyvan and Bungo try to get grumpy Toadhog to smile. He goes on a trip to find the Beattlebugs, and he actually enjoys it, especially when he sees the Beattlebugs topped on top of each other.

A surprise birthday party is planned for Zooter, but Ellyvan has obstacles to get through in order to get it planned.

Crocker opens a new compost recycling system in Jungle Junction. While Crocker goes and collects the garbage, the smell of the garbage is very bad. The animals want rid of it. Crocker takes it to Carla's garden and explains to the animals about compost.

Taxicrab wants to dance, but he cannot find anybody to dance with. He tries the desert and finds a cactus. He names it Prickly. The animals in Jungle Junction put on a dancing show for Taxicrab and Prickly the cactus. Prickly starts to wilt. Taxicrab takes it to Lance and finds out that the climate is wrong. Taxicrab takes Prickly back to the desert. Now that Prickly is in the desert, Taxicrab does not have a dancing partner. The other animals of Jungle Junction agree to be his dancing partner. The friends dance into the sunset.

Bungo puts up a sign to warn the wheelers that tree sap is on the road. Ellyvan has loads of packages to delviver and Ellyvan nearly gets stuck in sap. Sap drops from the tree onto the spot where Bungo is standing. He gets stuck and Zooter tries to help him get out of there, she gets stuck too. The sap will harden when the sun hits it and the sun is near to hiting the sap. Bobby tries to help Bungo and Zooter get out of the sap, but he gets stuck too. Ellyvan is heading for Bobby's firestation. Bobby is not there. Ellyvan countinues on his deliveries. Bobby says that the pip-pip fruit juice will get the wheelers out of the sap. Ellyvan passes and doesn't notice but the Beetlebugs and Hippobus pass, they notice and get stuck too. Ellyvan drops by Toadhog's and is not there, he passes the sap and does not notice. Sap drops on Toadhog and he gets stuck too. Dozer passes them and notices, he tries to get them out. Toadhog's tongue gets stuck and so does Dozer. Ellyvan stops by Miss Jolly's and they both go to find the Beetlebugs, they find them stuck in the sap and get the pip-pip juice to get them out of the sap. Ellyvan sprays pip-pip juice over the sap and the wheelers get unstuck, so does Toadhog's tongue. Bungo puts up loads of signs to stop people stepping in the sap again.

The Wheelers of Jungle Junction hold a boat contest, and Ellyvan, Zooter, Crocker, Bungo, Bobby and the Beetlebugs competed. When the race started, Miss Jolly said that no-one should be in the boat or touching the boat. Meanwhile, later Miss Jolly spots Green Beetlebug in the Beetlebugs boat, 'Rainbow Racer' and the wheelers try to get him out before the boats reach the waterfall. When they try to get the Beetlebug out of the boat, Zooter has an idea to blow the boats, so they go together and the Beetlebugs boat stops behind them. The idea works and the Beetlebug gets out of the boat, before the Beetlebugs boat falls down the waterfall(finish line) and wins the race.

Ellyvan takes a shortcut to make an important delivery and gets stuck in a hole after ignoring an important sign Bungo puts up.

Zooter throws a surprise coconut feast, but Toadhog gets irritable for getting hit by falling coconuts. Zooter has to find good reasons why Toadhog and Dozer mustn't cut down all the coconut palm trees.

Everyone gets ready to gather rainwater when the cloud stops.

Ellyvan discovers a king's crown. Later he gets stuck in purple bouncy balls.

Taxicrab shows off his juggling skills and neglects his juice bar job.

Bungo gets locked inside his shed when he forgets to build a door.

Bungo the Magnificent: Bungo tells Zooter a story about his past as a magician.

Carla finds a box of socks in a storage room and displays them in her shop.

After many rescue practices, Ellyvan and Zooter go to the bubbly bog where Toadhog gets stuck in a floating bubble. It pops and Toadhog falls in a tree. Crocker gets Ellyvan and Zooter to rescue him.

Zooter tries a new fruit Miss Jolly brings.

Miss Jolly loses her glasses, and the Beetlebugs and wheelers help her search for them.

Dozer tries to save a rare daisy that's growing in a pothole he's supposed to fill in for a parade, but Bungo wouldn't let him explain.

Crocker's friends help him guard a special flower seed.

The gang fears there are monsters in the jungle after they hear spooky noises.

Zooter is obsessed with playing in mud puddles, but she soon learns the importance of taking a bath after her muddy adventures make a mess for everyone else.

Zooter and Ellyvan search for a shooting star when they find one on the jungle floor. They try to return it to the sky only to discover that it was just a star-shaped fruit.

Dozer uses his digging skills to save the day during a rainstorm.

Taxicrab annoys everyone by constantly blowing his new whistle.

Zooter, Ellyvan and Lance invent a new game called wheeler ball.

Fruits and vegetables go missing from Crocker's garden, and he enlists help from Bobby and Zooter to solve the mystery.

It's Zipsmas Eve and the animals all decorate the jungle. The Beetlebugs are making a figgy-pudding. Bobby puts a star on top of the clock tower, but falls and then Crocker has a star-shaped tutu. Everyone pitches in to help prepare for Zipsmas. Dozer collects coconuts. Bobby puts the star up withour falling and puts the lights up. Taxicrab's smoothies machine makes fake snow. The lights turn on. The animals put their Thingums (stockings) up. They read The Night Before Zipsmas. The animals go to bed and Ellyvan, Zooter and Bungo see Elly-Santa.

It is Zipsmas Day and the animals give each other gifts. Ellyvan forgets to get a gift for Zooter. Ellyvan thinks to get Zooter mud. Bungo explains why not. The gifts arrive. Toadhog suggests brakes. Ellyvan denies him to get some for Zooter. Ellyvan goes to get a spectacular gift for Zooter. He gets a scrapbook showing all the memories.

Zooter creates an alternative source after the waterwheel breaks down.

Zooter and Ellyvan chase Fifi flies for Toadhog after they accidentally let his batch escape.

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Jungle Junction FAQ's

The release date of Jungle Junction is Oct 05, 2009.

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The star cast of Jungle Junction are : Jeff Bennett, Dee Bradley Baker, Keith Wickham, Candi Milo, Jimmy Hibbert, Jess Harnell, Billy West and Laraine Newman.

Jungle Junction is directed by George Evelyn, Dave Unwin and Morgan Francis.

You can watch Jungle Junction online on Hotstar.

This show is available in English language.

This show is available in Family, Kids and Animation genres.